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and her Cats

by Bonnie Stanard
& Marlaena Shannon

Great  Read-aloud Story


In a house in the woods near the Fairview Crossroads lives Carmina.

… Stray cats show up and stay.

One day, she gets a runny nose. She sneezes. Her eyes itch.

… She's never had these problems before. What's wrong?

An unconventional story
that ends in a discovery.

For ages 4 - 8

34 pages

Awarded President’s Book Award by Florida Authors and Publishers Association (FAPA)

Carmina brews a potent potion

Carmina's looking for a fix-up for her runny nose and itchy eyes.

… Caster is an uncanny cat, and he knows how to fix the problem

… But Carmina ignores him and runs the cats out of her house.

… What are they to do?

… The plot thickens as the potions cook.

For ages 4- 8

38 pages



Why Ethical
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Why Ethical
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Bonnie Stanard


Bonnie only took her writing seriously once her poems began to be published in journals such as Harpur Palate, Slipstream, and Triggerfish Critical Review. Her published works include six historical fiction novels and a poetry chapbook.

Her inspiration comes from reading other writers. For her, every day is an opportunity to make discoveries. Among the awards her work has received are InkSpot Best Books list; James River Writers Best Self-Published Novel; River Poets Journal Short Poem Winner; Rash Award in Poetry.

Click here for Bonnie's historical novels

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Marlaena Shannon

Marlaena wrote and illustrated her first book in 2012. Collaborating is every bit as satisfying for her as creating independently, so she works with authors who need help illustrating their books. Her books have won awards for cover design, humor, and short story.


Contact Marlaena in her Albuquerque, New Mexico studio at

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Carmina and Her Cats by offbeatbooks4kids

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