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2021 in time for Halloween

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and her Cats Return
Tenth Full Moon

It's a night of ghostly moonlight and an eerie wind. The cats feel spirits in the air, but  Carmina is busy in her kitchen cooking possum stew. A dead cabbage rolls on the floor. The stew stinks up the kitchen and a spider falls on her foot. Just in the nick of time, Carmina notices the wind's weird taste and remembers what she mustn’t forget.

Halloween spirits
are in the air
Arabic Letters
Take a look at
a Carmina book
and you’ll discover
a children's book that
  • defies expectations

  • is colorful and offbeat

  • simple and direct

  • creepy and enthralling

  • vibrantly illustrated

  • for adventuresome youngsters

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Cat's Fur

Lizard Brew


(coming soon)

Tenth Full Moon

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